Games +1 We will be opening at 4:30pm on March 17th - 21st
Mon, Tues, Thu 2pm-9pm
Fri 2pm-10pm
Sat 11am-7pm (Central)
Wed & Sun Closed
(563) 391-1680
4621 Cheyenne Ave.
Davenport IA 52806

Journey To Nyx Preorders are available

When: We will take Preorders for Booster Boxes, Fat Packs and Cases March 24th through April 29th
Cost: $90 per Booster Box, $30 per Fat Pack, $522 per Case

Warmachine Tourney

When: Saturday April 5th high noon
Cost: TBA
Format: 50 point armies
Prizes: TBA
Additional Info: Call Dave at Games +1 for details

Pathfinder Society Extravaganza

When: April 12th & 13th, muster times are at 9am, 1pm, 6pm on Saturday and 10am on Sunday.
Additional Info: Call Dave for more details at (563) 391-1680.
Link to Pathfinder Society Page

Journey To Nyx Prerelease

When: April 26th & 27th (Saturday & Sunday)
Time: Midnight flight starts at Midnight. Saturday and Sunday flights start at 10am & 5pm.
Cost: $25 per player per flight
Format: Sealed
Prizes: 2 packs per player
Midnight Flight! Friday Night/Saturday we will host a Midnight Prerelease Flight. We will have 4 rounds with "skins" payout (What is "skins"? Each player will be awarded 1 pack per match win)
Additional Info: Games +1 will open an hour before the first flights of each day.

Journey To Nyx Release

When: Friday May 2nd at 6pm (Standard) and 8pm (Draft). Saturday May 3rd we'll begin drafting at 1pm.
Cost: Standard is free. Draft is $14 per player.
Format: Standard & Booster Draft
Prizes: FNM Promos for Standard. 1 1/2 packs per player & FNM Promos for Friday Draft

Pathfinder Module Sundays

When: Second Sunday of each month
Cost: Free
What: Modules will be announced at the beginning of the month and will require sign-up to play.
Additional Info: Sign-up and info will be on the QC Pathfinder Society Facebook page found here

Pathfinder Society Day

When: Second Saturday of every month at noon
Cost: Free
What: We will have available up to five adventures each second saturday for players to come out and try new campaign settings.
Additional Info: Call Games +1 for details

XenoCon 3

When: Friday October 3rd, Saturday October 4th & Sunday October 5th
Cost: Preregister at Games +1 for $20 per player & $10 for GMs
What: Come out and play your favorite games at the QC's greatest gaming convention!
Additional Info: If you would like to run an event, please stop by Games +1 and get your GM forms.