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New & Upcoming Releases

  • QC Game Fest

    QC Game Fest

    At QC Game Fest you'll have the opportunity to see and play games you've only ever dreamed of, experience games like never before, and discover new comics and games of all kinds! We seek to offer experiences you can get nowhere else. This isn't your average game night - this is something special.

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  • Ashes

    Ashes:Rise of the Phoenixborn

    In this newcomer to the world of expandable, two-player card games, players each are given a 30-card deck of cards and 10 dice that they will use to battle each other. Featuring unique and inspired artwork, the game successfully offers a fresh experience and stands out in an already diverse field of games.

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  • Between Two Cities

    Between Two Cities

    Between Two Cities is a tile based game featuring a draft mechanic and a unique scoring method. Each player takes turns drafting a playing tiles, working to build their own city while keeping in mind the cities to their immediate left and right, because at the end of the game, their final score is determined by which of those two cities is lowest scoring.

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  • Ghostbusters

    Ghostbusters: The Board Game

    Featuring 47 plastic miniatures based on the classic Ghostbusters franchise, one to four players work to eliminate rampaging ghosts and seal the gates of the Spirit World. Ghostbusters: The Board Game is a successfully funded kickstarter game that plays pre-written scenarios designed to last between 30 and 120 minutes each.

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